Kristina Stasi - actress, singer, comedienne

West Side Story    

“Kristina Stasi breathes new life into her interpretation of Maria.  Vocally beautiful with passion thrown into each note, Stasi gave me chills with each high note she sang.  Many who portray this iconic role play her as innocent as the white dress she wears to the dance at the gym.  Stasi gives her character depth and shows that just because Maria believes in true love doesn’t mean that she hasn’t struggled in life with racism, poverty, and violence.  There is an underlying 'grittiness' that shows through at just the right times and in the final scene Stasi truly shows her acting abilities.  As I sat on the edge of my seat holding my breath, I watched her live those emotions and I wept in her final touching moments.”

Pleasanton Weekly

“It's the old Romeo and Juliet plot as Tony (Robert Lopez) and Maria (Kristina Stasi) fall madly in love at first sight in a crowded dance. Their versatile voices easily handle the challenging songs that veer to the operatic, but the pleasant surprise is their acting as they begin giddily to recognize their love and plan to find a 'new way of living' and 'a way of forgiving.'
The final tragedy spurs Maria to a hysterical outburst that doesn't leave a dry eye in the house.” 

(the steampunk version)   

Tri-City Voice

"And forget the soft and grandmotherly Fairy Godmother; who couldn't dig a no nonsense woman in heels, purple corset, leather pants, fingerless gloves, and top hat? She states, 'I never really wanted to fit in, I prefer to stand out,' and Kristina Stasi certainly does that. Super cool and confident, Stasi brings the magic in a whole new way."


"Keeping in line with the steampunk ethos Megia (in her director’s role) gave us a very savvy Fairy Godmother (the fantastic Kristina Stasi) who states matter-of-factly, 'I never really wanted to fit in, I prefer to stand out.'  Stasi’s vocals were a definite standout – she was the perfect steampunk fairy godmother."